1G technology features

1G technology is the first generation technology of wireless telephone technology. It was the analog telecommunications standard and it was introduced in the year of 1980, After that, it continued to replace by 2G technology.

Most popular 1G system during the year of the 1980s :
  • The first generation of cell phone technology
  • Advanced mobile phone system (AMPS)
  • Nordic mobile phone system (NMTS)
  • Total access communication system (TACS)
  • European total access communication system (ETACS)
  • Only referred to as 1G once 2G was introduced
The main difference between the 1G and 2G is that the radio signal used by 1G technology is analog while in 2G technology is digital.

Here this article gives some key features of 1G technology system :
  • Analog switching technology used
  • FM called frequency modulation is used
  • PSTN core network is used
  • Frequency around 800 MHz to 900 MHz
  • Bandwidth around 10 MHz
  • FDMA techniques must be used for access
  • Mode of voice service only 
  • Only capable of simple phone call calls