Features of 3G technology

3G is third generation wireless technology It enhance the features that were available in the second generation and adds further advanced features. This technology is widely used in a mobile phone as well as data cards.

The ITU called international telecommunication union has proposed 3G telecommunications standard to provide cost-effective high quality, wireless multimedia applications, and enhanced wireless communications. The basic features are divided into two categories one is called data rates and the other is called security.

Features of 3G technology :
  • 3G technology is that support greater voice and data capacity and data transmission at low cost.
  • 3G technology has a large capacity and broadband capacity
  • 3G mobile can operate on 2G and 3G technologies.
  • 3G offer greater security features than 2G like network domain security, application security etc.
  • The 3G network has a much greater transmission capacity than 2G.
  • 3G technology provides major features like video calls, video conference, weather updates, accessing traffic etc.
  • 3G has improved security and performance.
  • 3G has a common spectrum worldwide. This result in seamless global connectivity.
  • 3G support a variety of terminals from like PDA to desktop.

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