Application of 5G

Applications of 5G are beyond our imagination. A user never experienced ever before such high-value technology which includes all type of advanced features. Some of the applications of 5G are:
  • We can able to charge our mobile using our own heartbeat.
  • We can able to feel our grandmother’s sugar level with our mobile.
  • We can able to know the exact time of our childbirth in nanoseconds.
  • Our mobile rings according to our mood.
  • We can vote for our mobile.
  • We can able to visualize lively all the planets and the universe. 
  • We can able to navigate a train for which we are waiting for them.
  • We can able to view our residence in our mobile when someone enters and also when some once open our intelligent car.
  • We can able to pay all our bills in a single payment with our mobile.
  • We can able to sense the Tsunami/Earthquake before it occurs.
  • We can access our office desktop, PC,  Laptop, car, bike using our mobile.
  • We can identify our stolen mobile within nanoseconds.
  • Our mobile can share our workload, identify the best server and also have intimate us before the call drops.
  • We can able to also expand our coverage using mobile phones.
  • We can able to fold our mobile as per our desire.

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