25 April 2019

Difference between synchronous and asynchronous transmission

The main key difference between synchronous and asynchronous data transmission is that while we are using synchronous transmission uses synchronized clocks to transmit data while in asynchronous transmission uses flow control instead of using a synchronized clock to the transmit data.

  • In synchronous transmission, data is sent in the form of block or frames but in the asynchronous transmission, data is sent one byte or one characteristic at a time.
  • In synchronous transmission, the rate of transmission of data is fast while in asynchronous the rate of transmission of data is slow.
  • Synchronous transmission is expensive, Asynchronous transmission is economical.
  • In synchronous time interval constant, while in asynchronous time interval random.
  • The gap between the data is absent but while in an asynchronous gap between the data is present.
  • Synchronous example chat room, video conferencing,  face to face interaction, telephonic conversion, etc but in an asynchronous letter, emails, forums, etc.