Difference Between CFL and LED Bulbs

The major difference is in CFL bulbs the emission of light is because of the ionization of mercury vapor. The mercury vapor when ionize produces ultraviolet rays. These rays when collides with phosphorous coating tube generates visible light.

  • CFL is defined as the lamp which uses the low-pressure mercury vapor gas for producing the visible light.
  • An LED is a PN junction diode which light when current passes through it in the forward direction.
The main key difference between CFL and LED bulbs are given below:
  • CFL stands for compact fluorescent light bulbs while LED stands for the light emitting diode.
  • The efficiency of CFL is less while LED has high efficiency.
  • LED bulbs consume less power as compared to CFL, while CFL consumes about 80% of energy in a year.
  • Mercury must contain in CFL bulbs.
  • Destruction in difficult in CFL bulbs.
  • The life of CFL has only 8000 hours of life while LED bulbs usually 50,000 hours or maybe more.
  • LED bulbs are expensive as compared to CFL type of bulbs.
  • Size of the LED bulb is usually smaller than a CFL bulb.
  • While using CFL bulbs electricity used 13-15 watts while LED bulbs only used electricity only 6-8 watts.
  • CFL gets heated up quickly but in LED remains cool.
  • In CFL bulbs brightness is less as compared to LED lamps.
  • CFL bulbs are not recyclable.
  • Emission of heat is more in CFL bulbs.
  • CFL bulbs use domestic purposes while LED bulbs use traffic signal, message display on board, etc.
  • Glass can be easily broken in using CFL bulbs while LED bulbs are highly durable.

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