Advantages and disadvantages of casing capping wiring

Casing capping is one of the oldest wiring systems and has been very popular and frequently used. This wiring system is one of the simplest forms of the electric wiring system. PVC insulated wire is placed in the plastic casing and all systems are covered with a cap, hence the name is casing capping. The casing is rectangular strip while the cables are run through it having grooves. This post will discuss the pros and cons of casing capping wiring system to better understand this topic.

Advantages of casing capping wiring:

  • This wiring system is way cheaper than a sheathed and conduit wiring system.
  • It looks beautiful.
  • There is no risk of mechanical shock.
  • The alternation is possible in this system.
  • It is cheaper compared to a steel conduit and sheeted wiring system.
  • It is considered as safe from smoke, dampness, and humidity.
  • Customized installation can be done very easily for this system.
  • Reduced risk of electric shock can be expected because all the cables are covered.
  • This wiring system is cheap and durable.
  • It stays safe for oil, steam, smoke, and rain.
  • If phase and the neutral wire are installed in the separate slot then repairing is easy.
  • Stay for a long time in the field due to the strong installation of casing and caping.
  • This wiring system is a strong and long-lasting wiring system.
  • Repairing becomes very easy if the phase and neutral wire are installed in separate slots.

Disadvantages of casing capping wiring:

  • Difficulty in finding some fault caused in the wire.
  • It is used up to 220V.
  • There is a high risk of the casing and caping systems.
  • This wiring system is not suitable for acidic conditions in industries.
  • There is too much risk of major fire due to short circuits because of plastic in this wiring system.
  • The risk of fire is possible.
  • The humidity is directly effected by casing and capping, therefore, this wiring system is not used for humidity places.
  • The initial cost of the system is high, so it is expensive.
  • Costly to repairing and need more materials.
  • The material can't be found easily in the contemporary.
  • The place of acid and alkaline are present this system is not suitable.
  • While ants may damage the casing and caping wood. 
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