6 November 2019

Difference between batten and conduit wiring

Definition of batten wiring and conduit wiring

What is Batten Wiring:

In this wiring system, a wooden batten system is must be used. All wire cable is installed on the smooth batten with a steel clip and steel clip are installed on the surface of batten to equal the wooden batten is installed on the wall of the width with the help of a 5-inch screw. The material must be used in CTS or TRS cable and the pin is to be used. the batten available size such as 15,
20,25,40  mm.

What is conduit wiring:

Conduit wiring is a wiring system where the cables are enclosed in some metal or plastic tubes. The conductors have insulation which is rated at the voltage required but it gives no mechanical protection.

Difference between batten wiring and conduit wiring:

Batten Wiring:

The material used in batten wiring:

  • CTS or TRS cable
  • Stright teak wooden batten
  • Brass pins
  • Tinned brass link clip

Conduit wiring:

The material used in conduit wiring:
  • VIR or PVC insulated cables
  • GI wire of 18SWG
  • Coupling
  • Screw
  • Rigid offset
  • elbow
  • Locknut
  • 2 hole strap
  • There are two types  1.is a metallic conduit and 2. nonmetallic conduit 
  • Class A type of conduit: thin layer steel sheet low gauge conduit
  • Class B type of conduit: a thick sheet of steel high gauge conduit
  • Non metallic conduit: 13, 16.2, 18.75,20,25,37,50 and 63 mm PVC conduit


The cost of batten wiring is low as compared to conduit wiring, conduit wiring is very costly.


As compared to batten wiring, conduit wiring life is very long.

Addition OR alternation:

In batten wiring, the alternation is very easy while conduit wiring alternation is very difficult.


The procedure of conduit wiring:

This type of wiring is not easy to install. On the surface of the wall or ceiling conduit pipes are attached with the help of 2 holes strap and base clip at a rectangular certain distance. Next, GI wire is must be used to lay down the wires through the conduit pipe.

The procedure of batten wiring:

The group of single or double or three core cables is must be used to lay on the straight teak wooden batten. The cables are held with the help of a tinned brass link clip or uses of buckle clip. Brass pins are used to fix the buckle clips on the wooden batten. Buckle clip is basically fixed brass pin on the wooden batten at an interval 10 cm for horizontal runs and 15 cm for vertical runs.


The reliability of conduit wiring is very good as compared to batten wiring.

Field of applications:

Application of batten wiring: Office, commercial and residential building, etc.
Application of conduit wiring: Workshop, mainly for down, Public building, etc.