Advantages and disadvantages of analog multimeter

Analog multimeter was the first of its type, but due to the latest technological development after the development of digital multimeter, nowadays it is of less use.  Here this post we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of analog multimeter to better understand this topic.

Benefits or advantages of an analog multimeter

It is cheaper compared to digital meter 

When you have to start with some benefits of analog multimeter, we have to start first with the price. When you have to look at the digital multimeter you should always try to buy digital multimeter but make sure that the budget of digital multimeter and analog multimeter are not the same. An analog multimeter is cheaper than a digital multimeter and that's why people still use analog multimeters.

Response quickly to the measurement 

The response time of the analog multimeter is pretty and quick. Response time never is an issue. Although you have to read the parameters manually, you do not need to wait for the result to appear. There are lots of users are more comfortable with an analog multimeter.

No batteries are required 

This is one of the best advantages to compared to all, It is a good thing about in analog multimeter is that it does not require any battery, except when you have to need to measure resistance but digital multimeter work with batteries. 

Drawback or Disadvantages of an analog multimeter

Required manual reading parameter

Analog multimeter requires manual reading of parameters from the scale which is cumbersome, unlike digital multimeter.

Movement is slow

The pointer movement is too slow, can't be used to measure the voltage with frequencies higher than 50 Hz.

Inaccurate result 

The result is not accurate compared to a digital multimeter. The inaccurate results are caused due to three types of errors like improper counting on the scale, improper range setting, wrong setting on AC/DC.

Lack of advanced features

Analog multimeter works pretty well. However, unlike digital multimeter analog multimeters lack analytical power. That means analog multimeter does not have advanced features. The advance measurement such as frequency, impedance, waveform analysis, etc which are commonly measured by using a digital multimeter.

Size and cost 

Analog multimeter are bulky in size and they are costly.


Analog multimeter uses a needle that is rotated by a magnetic field. It gets damaged if the meter gets dropped by mistake.

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