Why MCB is better than fuse?

The most important advantage of using MCB abbreviation called a miniature circuit breaker is that the power supply can be resumed almost immediately. MCB can be changed over the switch needs to be pushed backed to the On position. While in the case of the fuse, the whole wire will have to be replaced first and there are also have some disadvantages of fuse like it has low breaking capacity, and it has slow compared to other circuit breakers. So here this post gives information about several advantages of MCB over fuse or we can say that why we have to use MCB better than a fuse.

Here we have to list several advantages of MCB over fuse:

  • MCB is more sensitive to current than a  uses fuse.
  • MCB is very simple to resume to the supply.
  • MCB is better and safer from the fuse.
  • In the while uses of MCB, the faulty zone of an electrical circuit can be easily identified.
  • MCB provides a better interface than a fuse.
  • MCB is reusable whereas a fuse needs to be replaced.
  • MCB has less maintenance and less replacement cost compare to fuse.
  • MCB doesn't have any wire, so it can be used at any time.
  • It better than fuse because of when the heavy current passed these switches which automatically off.
  • Handling  MCB is electricity safer than handling a fuse. In the case of MCB.
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