31 December 2019

Some essential tips to avoid MCBs tripping

One very common cause for the breaker to trip is a loose electrical connection and can easily be corrected by tightening them, SO try to reset it once by turning it to off position and then back to the on position. Not even an MCB but all the circuit breaker can trip at regular intervals due to any of the following reasons:

Why MCB trip Frequently? 

The most important point is overload circuit, short circuit, and Ground fault, that three-point of  MCB trip frequently.

1. Overload circuit:

The overloading is the most common reason for the circuit breaker trip. It indicates that the household has many heavy power appliances that are being used at the same time on the same circuit. When we have to use too much heavy power appliances are used together on the same circuit, there is more electricity creating an overload.

2. Short circuit:

A short circuit is one of the most dangerous problems in life, and it can happen at any time and anywhere. In all the cases, almost the problem of circuit breaker tripping is also caused by short circuits. This problem happens when a wire or phase touches another wire or phase or touches a neutral wire in the circuit. A high current flows when these two wires touch creating heavy current flow, more than the circuit can handle this flow. 

3. Ground fault:

This is also the biggest problem of MCB tripping. Faulty ground wiring can lead to hot wires touching the ground wire. When this problem happens, it can cause the circuit breaker to trip. 

Here some essential trip to avoid MCB tripping:

  • We should unplug all the devices when it's not in use.
  • We should make sure that none of your appliance cord is damaged or broken.
  • We should be aware of how many appliances are plugged in during hot or cold weather.
  • The most important point to avoid using the extension cable and the power strips if you have few outlets.
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