23 January 2020

Application of GiFi

GiFi has given and it's conspicuous that more research should be done in the field of this new wireless technology and its applications.

Here some applications of GiFi are listed below:

  • It can connect your household things.
  • You can easily connect your smartphone to your HD television, PC, laptop, printers, etc
  • Efficient transfer of data from digital camcorders.
  • As the transfer data at high speed that made work very easy.
  • We can transfer the speed of Gbps.
  • The intelligent community uses it for high-security communications.
  • Easy and immediate construction of temporal broadcast networks such as in sports stadiums for the advertisement of information can be possible.
  • This technology can be effectively used in the inter-vehicle communication system. Adhoc information distribution with a point to point network extension.
  • The data exchange between vehicles is made possible by ad-hoc networks, MAC wireless PAN and many other applications.