23 January 2020

Limitations of fuse

There are some limitations of fuse are listed below:
  • The heat produced by the arc may affect some of the associated switches.
  • Action is by melting of fuse so this could be rather slow in some situations.
  • During short circuit or sone overload in the circuit once fuse blows off replacing of fuse takes time. During this period the circuit lost power.
  • Need replacement when blows off by overcurrent.
  • It has a low speed.
  • You have to keep a replacement handy in case fuse is blows.
  • Fuse can't bear a surge current in the case of motor starting.
  • Fuse is not suitable for overloading.
  • Fuse has a low breaking capacity.
  • Fuse is not protected to the circuit against under-voltage.
  • It can be replaced by an oversized fuse by a novice to ensure it does not blow next time. This can damage the equipment it is supposed to protect.
  • The current-time characteristics of a fuse cannot always be correlated with that of some protected device.
  • When the fuse is connected in series it is difficult to discriminate the fuse has a significant size difference.
  • The protection of fuse is not reliable.
  • On the heavy some short circuit in the system, the discrimination between the fuses in series cannot be obtained unless there are considerable differences in the relative sizes of the fuses will be concerned.
  • Considerable time is lost in rewiring or replacing a fuse after the operation.