Biometric system advantages disadvantages

Biometric technology is more popular now a day, all over the world. It is a system that uses information about a person to identifies that person. in recent years that are many different types of biometric techniques are available. The biometric system relies on specific data about unique biological traits in order to work effectively.  Nowadays it will use all types of security systems. It will be used in many government sectors, hospitals, medicals, companies, schools, colleges, malls, etc. Some biometric techniques like a fingerprint, face, iris, palm, a voice, it will be discussed in our next post. Here we have to discuss some important advantages and disadvantages of biometric systems to better understand that, the user why biometric important nowadays.

Advantages or merits of the biometric system:

  • Improved security.
  • It is easy to install and setup up the system.
  • Improved customer experience.
  • It cannot be forgotten or lost.
  • Reduced operational costs.
  • This system is user-friendliness.
  • Less human error.
  • 100% accountability for all activities.
  • These system attributes are almost impossible to forge or duplicate
  • Difficult to steal so this system is making authentication is very simple.
  • This system directly authenticates to the person.
  • Users can not share retina or fingerprint, voice, while password and user easily forgot. 
  • Biometric work with your physical traits such as fingerprints, palm, vein, retina, iris, amongst others that will always serve accurately anywhere and anytime.
  • A biometric system is a scalable solution for all types of problems. Nowadays it will be used in the government sector, hospitals, companies, schools, colleges, etc.

Disadvantages or demerits of the biometric system:

  • Environment and usage can affect the measurement
  • The system is not 100% accurate.
  • This system is sometimes expensive.
  • Often view as inconvenient.
  • Require integration and additional hardware
  • Cannot be reset once compromised
  • It is used may feel violet.
  • Faulty equipment cause delays.
  • Time-consuming to collect the biometric data from people.
  • We can reset the password but we can't change iris, finger, face. This all is fixed, so sometimes it is difficult.
  • Some biometric machines are less than perfect and lots of mistakes happen sometimes.
  • Biometric is a highly technical and complex system that makes up the whole process.
  • Some biometric systems like iris scan can go through scanning is too many difficulties.
  • Some biometric modalities need some additional hardware integration which is costly, inconvenient and too much complex. It is hard to manage this type of modalities.

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