Floppy disk benefits in computer

The main advantages of the floppy disk are that it is a removable device and also can be used to distribute the software on the computer and to transfer data from one computer to another or to back up the files from the hard disk. But compared to a hard disk over the floppy disk, the floppy disk is too much slower, offer a relatively small amount of storage and it can be easily damaged. Here this article gives some benefits of a floppy disk in the computer so that this post makes useful whenever you need the floppy disk in use of a computer.

Benefits in computer:

  • Basically, the floppy disk is small and lightweight.
  • Floopy disk can be used at any time.
  • It is so cheap.
  • In the computer, all kinds of data, private or public can be stored on the floppy disk.
  • Floppy disk is useful in transferring files between computers.
  • It can store private data more securely so that other users on a network cannot access it.
  • They have to write protection which protects your data from accidental deletion.
  • If you are still using one of the old computers then the floppy disk is your best option in terms of storage devices. Most of the modern storage devices are not compatible with old computers.
  • Floppy disk is that they are often compatible with older computers that may not accept other data storage devices.
  • Floopy disk drives are often set above the main hard drives in the boot order sequence. The boot sequence is the order in which the computer attempts to boot to an operating system. 

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