Precautions of casing capping wiring

Some precaution of casing capping wiring system include:

  • Always use the porcelain tube or conduit when the cable is passing through the walls.
  • Always use the porcelain cleat or washed between the wall and casing.
  • The width of the groove of casing capping wiring is about 6mm.
  • All the joints are made, in the junction boxes and also at switches and sockets.
  • Completely varnished the casing and capping before installation.
  • Always use the bridge point when cables are crossing each other.
  • When using this wire, do not insert the phase and neutral wires in one groove.
  • There is no gap present between the casing and caping uses.
  • Fit the caping on the casing tightly and also have screwed.
  • VIR and PVC pipe must be used. 

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