Basic house wiring rules

The first rule is to remember that basic wiring can be too dangerous. Never attempt to do it without a good understanding of how it works and safe work practice. Here we have to explain some basic housing wiring rules.

If you are handling the wiring yourself follow all the safety precautions from the beginning to the end of the project to help ensure the safety of your family, your neighbor, and your property. It will also guarantee longevity.

Here we explain some basic housing wiring rules:

  • Carry out the wiring on the distribution system.
  • Don't allow wiring to run above the ceiling.
  • The fixed switchboard at the proper height.
  • Use earth wire of proper gauge.
  • Make use of copper conductor.
  • Always replace wires that show signs of deteriorations.
  • You should never touch any plumbing or gas pipes while working with electricity and its because they are may time used to ground electrical system.
  • A proper plan to ahead for any type of wiring.
  • Don't exceed the load on a circuit.
  • If you overload outlets or extension cords it's going to create a fire hazard.
  • Never utilize damaged wiring or elements.
  • Before you do any electrical work make sure that the power is off at the breaker.
  • A voltage tester is a cheap life insurance policy when working with high voltage.
  • It is easier and faster to complete your wiring if you make sure you have got all the tools you require and always use the suitable tools.
  • Do you conceal conduit wires is used in wall, you will never spics wires together and conceal them within a wall without a junction box, it is a fire hazard. So put in an accessible junction box for the connected wires.
  • When you work with electricity. You should never touch or try repairing any electrical appliances or circuits with wet hands. 
  • Never use an aluminum or steel ladder because if you are working on any receptacle at hight in your home. An electrical surge will ground you and the whole electric current will pass through your all body. so use bamboo.
  • Never use any equipment with frayed cords, and damaged insulation or some broken plugs.

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