Precautions of conduit wiring

Some precautions of conduit wiring include:

  • The metal pipes or conduits are terminated in a metal-clad board with a smooth bor brass bush or ring brass bush.
  • Always draw the exact number of the wires into the conduit.
  • Always select the correct size of the conduit.
  • When curve the conduit then elbows or bends are used.
  • Select the exact routes before the installation of the conduit. 
  • When the exact large length of the conduit run then must provide the inspection point on this conduit.
  • If two or more than two conduits are run in parallel then multiple saddles must be used for wiring.
  • Before drawing the cable in conduit, make sure that there is no moisture is present in the interior of the conduit.
  • Always use the steel wire to draw the cable through steel or PVC conduit.
  • In the case of a steel conduit, the sharp edge of the conduit must be smooth.
  • Use the correct size of the saddle according to the diameter of the conduit.

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