Precautions of cleat wiring

Some precautions of cleat wiring include:

  • Cleat wiring is not suitable for those place where smoke, steam, dust, and risk mechanical injury is present.
  • The cable is lying straight in cleats.
  • Do not install this wiring in as specially for stores and flammable places.
  • The cap is not tightly screwed on the base because of cable is damaged and not as loosely screw that as a result, the cable is producing sag.
  • If the cable is passing through under the water pipes, wall or roofs then cables are always passing through met conduits.
  • Switches, sockets, cut out, ceiling rose and lamp holders are always installed on round wooden blocks.
  • The distance between branch circuits for single-phase supply is not less than 2.5 cm and for sub-main 4cm minimum.
  • Always use the wooden bushing on each end of the conduit circuit.

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  1. Is it suitable for wiring in mud houses or straw roof houses ?If not, what is the alternative to provide safer Electricity to such houses ?


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