Why use cleat wiring

These wires can be weatherproof. Simple wiring laying is done in this scheme of wiring. In the present day, this kind of wiring scheme is not recommended for a house or building. Only in a temporary army campus or some festivals like marriage. Cleat wiring system now rarely being used these days. This type of wiring can be very easily installed and materials can be recovered for further use and also have some advantages so this reason now a days it will be used. Here there is some reason why cleat wiring is used?

  • All the cables are in open-air therefore fault is very easily found and replaced it very quickly.
  • It is easy to fault detection.
  • Alternation and addition are easy.
  • Material is recoverable after the dismantlement.
  • The whole wiring is replaced for a short period of time and material of wiring is used in another place if we want.
  • Installation and dismantlement are easy and quick.

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