18 February 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of DGPS

DGPS is a system to provide positional correction to GPS signals. DGPS  signals to use the known position as a reference to adjust real-life GPS signals to eliminate pseudo-range and to improve the accuracy of user position range and to improve the accuracy of user positions. Here the post gives information about the advantages of DGPS to better understand this topic.

Advantages of DGPS:
  • While in use GPS, it is quite accurate, using DGPS pushes its accuracy even further.
  • GPS or DGPS makes A/L guidance at every precise as oppose to ILS as well as MLS.
  • DGPS has to know the perfect location on the earth.
  • Provide accurate data within a minute.
Disadvantages of DGPS:
  • The coverage is to take advantage of DGPS is limited.
  • In this signal to ensure greater coverage area more DGPS stations need to be added.
  • The position accuracy to degrades as the separation between DGPS and also the aircraft GPS-Rx increases.
  • Most of the errors are other completely eliminated or made negligible after using DGPS, however atmospheric and Rx based errors would still exist. DGPS error sources are satellite clocks, orbital errors, RX noise and multipath.
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