Advantages and disadvantages of GPS

GPS stands for the global positioning system. This system is using the signals that will transmit by orbiting satellites to pinpoint a device location and also determine any movement over time. GPS can be applied in many fields like engineering, surveys, aerial photogrammetry, resource survey, engineering deformation  measurement and so on. Here this post gives information about the advantages and disadvantages of GPS to better understand this topic

Advantages of GPS:

  • GPS will work fast speed.
  • GPS is an easy navigation system.
  • GPS work will all types of weather.
  • GPS is a nearby area search.
  • GPS updated regularly.
  • In GPS system costs you very low in comparison to other navigation systems.
  • The system is updated regularly by our government and hence is very advance.
  • GPS is the most attractive feature of this system is 100% coverage on the planet.
  • GPS also helps to search the nearby restaurants and hotels, gas stations and it is very useful for a new place.
  • Due to their low cost, it is very easy to integrate into other technologies like cell phones.
  • GPS system can be used as a valuable tool by some law enforcement to track criminals or terrorists using devices they attach to vehicles or some through tracking the perpetrator's smartphone.
  • GPS has to improve accuracy by giving the missile a specific set of coordinates and reduces collateral damage through increased accuracy.
  • GPS can solve the problem in roads and buildings as well as natural disasters like earthquakes through the monitoring of tectonic plate movements.

Disadvantages of GPS:

  • Need for good care and handling.
  • Need external power.
  • Potential failures.
  • Inaccuracy. The systems are to always updated so we do not know when a road has been closed or when a road has been opened.
  • Privacy concerns.
  • GPS may fail or do not work properly due to certain reasons and in that case, you need to carry a backup map and directions.
  • GPS accuracy depends on sufficient received signal quality, GPS signal gets affected due to the multipath, atmosphere, electromagnetic interference, etc. So, the error will be about 5 to 10 meters in the GPS signal.  
  • GPS systems cost as the too much a high amount if they have lots of features uses.
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