Difference between CDMA and GPRS

The main key difference between CDMA and GPRS are given below:
  • CDMA stands for code division multiple access while GPRS stands for general packet radio services. 
  • CDMA is one of the types of mobile connections for making calls where the GPRS is a technology for internet connection through a mobile phone.
  • In general, carriers using CDMA offer better coverage than GSM/ GPRS.
  • CDMA supports both UDP and TCP while GPRS supports only user datagram protocol.
  • The average latency on GPRS is around 1.3 seconds whereas on CDMA is around 400 millisecond.
  • CDMA assigns a public IP address while in GPRS enables to surf the internet from a mobile phone.
  • WCDMA technology is faster than GPRS since the user cares about the technology that is applied for the air interface.
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