Limitations of RCCB

Some limitations of RCCB are listed below:

  • RCCB does not protect from the overheating that strike if conductors are not screwed into terminals.
  • RCCB does not guarantee to operate if none standard waveform is generated by the load. It is because RCCB is designed to operate on a normal supply waveform.
  • RCCB does no shield against line neutral shocks.  Because the reason for the current in them is stable. The current gets balanced as both the terminals are carried together.
  • RCCB does not protect against line neutral shocks. It's mainly because the current in them is balanced. The current gets balanced between as both terminals are held together.
  • In RCCB, there might be some unwanted tripping of RCCB. It is mainly because whenever there are sudden changes in electrical load, there can be small current flow to earth, especially in the old appliances.
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