Precautions of multimeter

Some precautions of multimeter:

  • When you have to use multimeter first check proper DC polarity when measuring DC.
  • You have to always start with the highest voltage or current range.
  • De-energize and discharge the circuit completely prior to connecting or disconnecting to a device called a multimeter.
  • Be sure that the multimeter is switched during the to AC prior to trying to measure AC circuits.
  • Choose the final range that enables a reading close to the middle of the scale.
  • Set the ideal current range before measuring higher current or some else it will blow the digital multimeter fuse. 
  • A resistor should be measured standalone or the connected parts in the circuit may affect to some of the reading.
  • Never apply power to the circuit when you have to measure resistance with a multimeter.
  • Be sure to read AC measurements on the AC voltage position.
  • In case you want to verify the presence of dangerous voltage in a circuit with a digital multimeter, it is crucial to verify both the  AC as well as DC voltage.
  • Make sure that change the 0 ohms reading after changing resistance ranges before creating a resistance measurement.

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