Advantages and disadvantages of CSMA/CA

CSMA/CA solve some problems that occur in the wireless network but that method cannot be solved by CSMA/CD this was the biggest disadvantage of this technology. Here the post gives the more advantages and disadvantages of CSMA/CA.

Advantages of CSMA/CA:
  • It helps to prevent data collisions
  • Avoid unnecessary data traffic with the RTS/CTS extension.
  • It avoids the hidden terminal collision.
  • It controls the packet and sends these packet to whom the receiver wants to send.
  • When data is large than it reduces the collisions chances.
Disadvantages of CSMA/CA:
  • Longer waiting times.
  • It causes additional traffic.
  • Solve the hidden station problem only by using RTS/CTS extension.
  • Create the exposed station problem.
  • It is less efficient than CSMA/CD.
  • It can not solve the problem MAC layer in wireless networks.
  • It is difficult to avoid a collision in wireless networks.

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