3 March 2020

Advantages of polyphase system over single phase system

Advantages of the polyphase system:

  • More power can e transmitted y the polyphase transmission system using the same amount of conducting material.
  • Polyphase motor has a more uniform torque than the single-phase motors output torque is pulsating in nature.
  •  In the case of induction motor polyphase induction motors are self-starting and more efficient ut single-phase induction motor is too self-starting.
  • The output of 3 phase machine is always greater than the single-phase machine of the same size.
  • A polyphase transmission line requires less conductor material a single-phase line for transmitting the amount of power at the same voltage.
  • Polyphase motor has a uniform torque where most of the single-phase motor has pulsating torque.
  • Per the unit of output, the polyphase machine is very much cheaper.