27 March 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of encoder

A simple encoder is a digital electronics is a one hot to binary converter. An encoder is a combinational circuit that performs the reverse operation of the decoder. If there are 2n input lines and at most only one of them will ever be high, the binary code of this hotline produced on the n output lines. Therefore the encoder encodes 2n input lines with n number of bits. Here now this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of the encoder to better understand this topic. 

Benefits and Advantages of encoder:
  • Highly reliable and accurate.
  • Higher resolution.
  • Low-cost feedback.
  • Integrated electronics.
  • Compact in size.
  • Fuses optical and digital technology.
  • It can be incorporated into existing applications.
Drawback and Disadvantages of an encoder:
  • The subject of magnetic radio interference.
  • Susceptible to dirt, oil and dust contaminate.
  • Direct light source interference.
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In this article, we have to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of encoder and difference between decoder and demultiplexer. I hope by reading this article you have to gain some basic information about this article. If you have any queries regarding this article or to implement any electronics or electrical project please feel free to comment in the below section.