27 March 2020

What are the applications of decoders?

Here gives some application of decoder is listed below:

  • It is used in code conversion.  i.e analog to digital conversion in the analog decoder.
  • It may also be used for data distribution.
  • In a high-performance memory system, this decode can be used to minimize the effect of system decoding.
  • The decoder is used as address decoders in CPU memory location identification.
  • It is also be used in electronic circuits to convert instruction into CPU control signals.
  • They are mainly used in logical circuits, data transfer.
  • They can also be used to create simple other digital logics like half adders and full adders and
  •  some other digital design also.
  • Microprocessor selecting different I/O devices.
  • It decoding to binary input to activate the LED segments so that the decimal number can be displayed.
  • Microprocessor memory system selecting different banks of memory.
  • The decoder can be used as a timing or sequencing signals to turn the device on or off at specific times because when the decoder inputs come from a counter that is being continually pulsed, The decoder output will be activated sequentially.
  • The decoder is used whenever an output or a group of output is to be activated only on the occurrence of a specific combination of input signals.
  • They can be the application of switching function often with the fewer integrated circuit.
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