Brushed DC motor advantages and disadvantages

Brushed DC motors have low efficiency and require periodic maintenance. This creates a lot of friction and this friction equals to the heat and wear and tear. While in brushless Dc motor is essentially frictionless and thus have really high efficiency, require zero maintenance and last longer than brushed DC motor. Now here this post gives the pros and cons of brushed DC motor to better understand this topic.

Advantages of a brushed DC motor:

  • Low cost of construction.
  • Simple and inexpensive controller.
  • No controller is required for fixed speeds.
  • The ideal for the extreme environment due to the lack of electronics.
  • Two-wire control.
  • Rebuild new brush for extended life.

Disadvantages of Brushed DC motor:

  • Periodic maintenance is required.
  • Less efficient.
  • Electrically noisy.
  • Poor heat dissipation due to internal rotor construction.
  • Higher rotor inertia limits the dynamic characteristics.
  • Speed/torque is moderately flat. At higher speed brush friction increases thus reducing useful torque.
  • Lower speed range due to mechanical limitation s on the brushes.
  • Brush arcing will generate noise-causing electrical magnetic interference.

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