6 March 2020

Advantages and disadvantages of DC shunt motor

Advantages of Dc shunt motor:

  • The power supply of the DC motor is any way cheap.
  • Shunt would motor able to runs at a predetermined speed.
  • The speed of a dc shunt motor is sufficiently constant.
  • Direct current machines can use for heavy industrial applications where the torque and speed wider range.
Disadvantages of DC shunt motor:
  • Dc motors are unreliable at low-speed operations.
  • The size of Dc motors is large compared to alternative current motors.
  • The installation of DC machines is expensive compare with other types of machines.
  • Shunt motor is a constant speed motor, it would be disadvantages where it's necessary to operate under variable speed.
  • For the same current input, its starting torque is not a high as that of a DC series motor.

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