27 March 2020

What are the application of an encoder?

An encoder is a device, algorithm, that is a software program or person that converts the information from one format or code to another. The main purpose of the encoder is standardization, security, speed or saving space by shrinking size.  The encoder is a combinational logic circuit and they are exactly the opposite of decoder.  They accept one or more inputs and generates a multibit output code. Here this article gives the application of encoder to better understand this topic.

Here give some of the Applications of Encoder is listed below:

  • Automatic health monitoring systems.
  • RF-based home automation system.
  • Robotics vehicle with the metal detector.
  • War field flying robot with a using night-vision flying camera.
  • Speed synchronization of multiple motors in industries.
  • Encoder for CNC machines.
  • Encoder for the medical industry most common for breast cancer treatment in the world.
  • Encoder for the electronics industry.
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