Difference between galvanometer and ammeter | Galvanometer vs Ammeter

What is Galvanometer?

The galvanometer uses a moving coil which is free to rotate between the permanent magnet. When the current flows through the coil, it becomes deflected and that produces the deflection of the coil is directly proportional to the current flow through it. At that time the galvanometer is converted into the ammeter by connecting the resistance in parallel with the circuit and if the resistance is connected in series with a galvanometer then it is used as a voltmeter.

What is ammeter?

The ammeter is also known as the ampere meter. The ampere is the unit of the current, so the ampere meter is the type of meter which measures the magnitude of current passes through it. It is connected in series wit circuit for determining the exact value of the circuit current. 

The main comparison between these two that the galvanometers and ammeter are that the galvanometer show both the direction and magnitude of the current, While the ammeter only shows the magnitude of the current. The other main key difference between galvanometer and ammeter are listed below

The main key difference between galvanometer and ammeter:

  • The accuracy of the galvanometer is less than the ammeter.
  • The sensitivity of the galvanometer is much more as compared to that ammeter.
  • The magnetic field is required for the working of the galvanometer whereas it is not essential fo the ammeter.
  • The galvanometer is a mechanical device that is used for determining the magnitude as well as the direction of the current while in the ammeter is the electric device which is used for measuring the magnitude of the current.
  • The galvanometer shows the direction of current flow in the circuit whereas the ammeter measures the magnitude of current flow through it.
  • Galvanometer work with the presence of a magnetic field but in ammeter is work with or without magnetic field.
  • Galvanometer has measure only direct current but ammeter measure both direct and alternating current.
  • Galvanometer used as a potentiometer and bridge while in Ammeter used as an electrical circuit.
  • The galvanometer is mostly used in a bridge and potentiometer for knowing the zero current whereas the ammeter is directly connected in series with the circuit whose magnitude is to be measured.
  • Both connected in a series in a circuit.
  • Galvanometer has a moderate resistance while the ideal ammeter should have zero resistance, hence the resistance of an ammeter is very small.

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