Difference between digital voltmeter and analog voltmeter

What is an analog voltmeter?

Analog voltmeter is a move pointer across a scale in proportion to the voltage of the circuit.

What is a digital voltmeter?

With the time an analog voltmeter is replaced by digital voltmeter due to the same advantages associated with digital systems. Digital voltmeter gives a numerical display of voltage by the help of an analog to digital converter. 

The main comparison between analog voltmeter and a digital voltmeter is that digital voltmeter electronically displays results on an LCD screen while in we are using analog voltmeter gives the reading by moving a needle across a printed background of possible results.

The main key difference between analog voltmeter and digital voltmeter are listed below:

  • In Digital voltmeter the output signal is represented in the form of digital. While in analog voltmeter the output signal representation is done by using potentiometric deflection.
  • Digital voltmeter is two types: Ramp type and integrated type while in analog voltmeter are three types: Average reading, true RMS reading, sampling type, etc.
  • Digital voltmeter has an overload indication, an analog voltmeter has no overload indication in analog voltmeter. 
  • In a digital voltmeter has better resolution compared to an analog voltmeter.
  • A digital voltmeter can be programmed, Analog voltmeter cannot be programmed.
  • Sensitivity is more in digital voltmeter compare to an analog voltmeter.
  • Digital voltmeter has a speed of operation is more Burt in analog voltmeter the speed of operation is less.
  • While we are using digital voltmeter the digitization of signal is required while in analog voltmeter is not require digitization of signal.
  • The more number of measurement range while using digital voltmeter compared to an analog voltmeter.

In this theory, we have to discuss the difference between an analog voltmeter and a digital voltmeter. I hope by reading this article you have to gain some basic information about this article. If you have any queries regarding this article or to implement any electronics or electrical project please feel free to comment in the below section.

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