Application of step up transformer

This article might help to understand the application of the transformer. Also, find out the advantages and disadvantages related to the transformer to learn more about the transformer.

Application of step-up transformer:

  • Step-up transformer is used in the transmission line for transmitting the high voltage produced by the alternator. 
  • It is used for electrical isolation, in a power distribution network, for controlling the home application, in a doorbell, etc.
  • It is used as a generating step-up transformer for stepping up the generated power to a higher voltage level for efficient transmission purposes.
  • It will decrease the current to keep the power into the device which is equal to the power out of it.
  • In the modern power system, electrical power is generated at a voltage of around  12kV to 25kV. The transformer will step up the voltage to between 110kV to 1000kV for transmission over long distances at very low loss.

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