Difference Between Slip Ring and Split Ring

Slip and split rings both are basically two different ways of making a connection between a stationary and a rotating object for the current to flow through them. Here this article give the information about the main key difference between slip ring and split ring to better understand this topic.

Definition of slip ring:

The slip ring is a part of a basically AC motor use for transmission of the energy between the stationary and rotating elements of the machine. And the graphite material uses for the manufacturing of brushes. It is a place on the outer surface of the slip ring.

Definition of split ring:

On the other hand, the split ring is a movable device used for reversing the polarity of the current. It is made of basically copper materials. The ring devices from the centre into two halves. The combination of the split ring and brushes is known as the communicator. The split ring uses basically DC motor for getting the pulsating input voltage.

The main key difference between the slip ring and split ring:

  • The slip ring used for transferring the power from stating and rotary parts of the machine, while the split ring uses for changing the polarity of the current.
  • The slip ring is used in the AC machine but, the split ring uses in the DC machine.
  • The slip ring is in the form of a continuous ring, and the split ring splits into two or more parts.
  • The slip ring is supplied from an AC generator to the AC motor, for supplying pulsating voltage to the DC motor.