Difference Between Physical and Logical Topology

A physical topology is how they are actually interconnected with wires and cables, While a logical topology is how devices appear connected to the user.  Here this article gives information about the main key difference between physical and logical topology to better understand this topic.

Definition of the physical topology

Physical topology can be considered as a layout of the network media that shows the interconnection of the devices on the network. It specifies which geometric shapes the linked devices form with each other. The physical topology does not give much impressive detail about the type of devices, the mechanism used for interesting with other devices in the network, and how data is transferred from one device to another.

Definition of logical topology

While comparing to the logical topology emphasis the manner in which data is transmitted between network nodes instead of the physical layout of the path that data follows. The most important fact regarding these topologies is that both physical and logical topologies are independent regarding a  comparing network, whether it of any shape and size. 

Difference between physical and logical topology:

  • The physical topology is basically the physical layout of the network media. In contrast. logical topology refers to the way, how data is transmitted through the network.
  • Physical topology refers to how a network look and functions, while in logical topology fashion in which data travels logistically.
  • Bus, star, ring, and mesh are the physical topology, logical bus and the logical ring are the logical topologies.
  • While using logical topology is intangible in nature while physical topology can be customized.
  • The physical topology would not hider the transmission of the data from one device to the other in a logical topology.
  • The physical topology is costly, scalability, and flexible while in logical topology data delivery causing loss.
  • The physical connection of cable and devices in called as physical topology, while in path travel by data in a network called logical topology.

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