Difference Between RGB and CMYK

RGB and CMYK both are the colours models. Which provide an abstract numeric system for defining the colours with the help of three or more four major numbers to show the primary colours. The main key difference between RGB and CMYK colour model is that the number of channels contained by RGB is three. While in CMYK model has four component colours. So here this article gives the main key difference between RGB vs CMYK to better understand this topic.

Definition of RGB

RGB is a colour model, It is the most prevalently used additive type of colour model in computer graphics. It specifies the red, green and blue components of the colours which are capable of producing a wide variety of colours by adding the different intensities of red, green and blue colours. By adding the full intensities of red, green and blue, we get the white colour and black colour if none of them is present.

Definition of CMYK

The CMYK is a colour model, it's called cyan, magenta, yellow and k for black. This model is just inverse of the RGB model. This model is subtractive in nature. The subtractive model is expressed by the fact that the more it adds the colours, the more colour will be subtracting from the white. Therefore, if non of the CMYK colour is present the resulting colour is white but the CMYK colour exists at their fullest intensities, then it produces a black colour. By adding the equal intensities of each colour, the shades of grey can be generated. 

The main key difference between RGB and CMYK

  • The RGB colour model, the light is used to changing the produced colour intensity. While the CMYK model uses ink for altering the colour intensity.
  • By adding the RGB colours, the white colour is generated while the addition of CMYK colours produces a black colour.
  • The RGB model is known as the additive model because these colours produce a brighter outcome when added with the light. While in CMYK is a subtractive model where we begin with the white sheet of paper and forgetting the dark result, you need to add more ink to it.
  • The RGB model helps in operating the task at a higher speed and consumes less memory space as compared to the CMYK model.
  • The RGB colour model is mainly implemented in the display monitors for generating various type of colours. While CMYK is utilized in printing materials majority. 

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