Difference Between Inverting and Non-Inverting Amplifier

The major difference of operational amplifiers is the inverting and non-inverting amplifiers that the inverting amplifier is the one that produces an amplified output signal which is out of phase to the applied input. While in non-inverting amplifies the input signal level without changing the phase of the signal at the output.

Definition of inverting amplifier:

A type of op-amp that is designed to generate a signal at the output which is 180 degrees out of the phase with the applied input is known as the inverting amplifier. This implies that if the phase of the applied input signal is positive then the amplified signal will be in a negative phase. In a similar way for a signal with a negative phase, the phase of the output will be positive.

Definition of non- inverting amplifier:

An amplifier that produces an amplified signal at the output, having a similar phase as that of the applied input is known as the non-inverting amplifier. This simply means that for an input signal with the positive phase, the output will also be positive.

Difference between Inverting
 and non-inverting amplifier:

  • The gain provided by the inverting amplifier is the ratio of the resistances, while in a gain of the non-inverting amplifier is the summation of 1 ad ratio of the resistance.
  • The input signal in the inverting amplifier is applied at the negative terminal of the op-amp, while in input in case of a non-inverting amplifier is provided at the positive terminals.
  • In the inverting amplifier, the non-inverting terminal is grounded, while in the non-inverting amplifier, the inverting terminal of the op-amp is grounded.
  • The key factor of differentiation between inverting and non-inverting amplifier is done on the basis of the phase relationship existing between input and output. In the case of the non-inverting amplifier, both input and output are in the same phase.
  • The achieved gain of the inverting amplifier is negative thus it provides an inverted output, But the non-inverting amplifier, the gain is positive, and hence the achieved output is non-inverted in nature.

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