21 December 2020

Difference Between Atom and Molecule

Atom may or may not exist in the free stat,  but the molecules exist in the free state. So here this article gives the main key difference between atom and molecule to better understand this topic. 

What is atom?

Atom is the smallest unit that matter can ne broken down into without releasing any electricity charged particles. Atoms are also the smallest unit of matter that exhibits the characteristics of an element. As such, the atom is the fundamental building lock for chemistry.

What is a molecule?

A molecule can e as the combinations of two or more atoms which are held together by chemical bonds. A molecules is the smallest portions of a subtract which showcases all the properties of the substance. On breaking down a molecule further, we see properties of the constituents elements. 

Difference between atom and molecule:

  • Most of the atoms do not exist independently however, molecules show independent existence.
  • Atom are highly reactive in nature in comparison to molecules.
  • Atom are single entities  but the subatomic particles are  bonded together  by coulombs force of the attraction existing between positively and negatively charged particles. However, to form a molecule various atoms are combined together through a covalent  bond.
  • Atom is a smallest particle of an element, while molecule is a group of two or more atoms combined together.
  • Atom consists of nucleus and electrons, while in molecule consists of combinations of two or more same or different atoms chemically bound together.
  • Atom cannot be further divided, molecule can further be divided to give individual atoms.
  • Atom can neither  be seen through naked eye nor through magnifying microscope, while Molecule is not visible eye, while can be seen through highly magnifying microscope.
  • Atom may or may not have independent existence, Molecule they are capable of having independent existence.
  • Atom are spherical shape but in actuality, no fixed shape is possessed by atoms. While the shape of molecules can be linear, trigonal, pyramidal etc.
  • Atom are the tiniest particles of matter thus can neither be seen through naked eyes nor through a microscope, Molecules can also be not seen through baked eyes, can ne seen using a magnifying microscope.
  • Obviously as molecules  are the commination of  atoms thus their size will be more than the size of an atom. The diameter of an atom is around 0.2  nm while the size of a water molecule is nearly 0.27 nm.
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