19 January 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of SATA

The SATA stand called serial advanced technology attachment. It is also called a serial ATA. It is a form of bus connections which your computer requires to attach various main storage drives like the hard drive or the called SSD, to the motherboard present in it. So here this article gives the main key advantages ad disadvantages of SATA to better understand this topic.

Advantages of SATA:

  • SATA bus interface provides better speed than the compare of PATA form of storage.
  • More speed is allowed by a better bandwidth, Hence you can expect good speed as this bandwidth is not shared in SATA.
  • The wires used in SATA are too much longer than those used in PATA, and hence there is general flexibility.
  • SATA drives allow the user to remove drives from the programming computer without the need to shut it down. This is a very important advantage one gets.
  • There are multiple SATA connections on a motherboard device, Hence you get to use many drives at the same time.
  • The SATA interface requires thinner wire and is thus it is less complicated.
  • In this sort of connectivity, there is a separate cable for each of the drives. When multiple drives are used, The connections are not shared. Thus there are no problems regarding speed.
  • The PATA drive used to draw a lot of power while the SATA interface is energy efficient. This is why they can be widely used in portable computers like laptops ad other portable devices.
Disadvantages of SATA:
  • The SATA is slower than the other form of storage interface. For instance, the data speed on an Nv Me SSD is about 16 GB/s while it is restricted to 600 MB/s on a SATA SSD.
  • Every SATA drive needs some of an individual port on the motherboard. Although you can increase the number of ports on the motherboard remains the same. 
  • SATA has an overall lower bandwidth and even the early standard of PCLE have more bandwidth than it.
  • Each SATA drive requires its cables and hence you need more cables for connecting more drives. It might be a problem for workstations and those who need to use multiple storage devices on their computer.
  • The PATA and other called IDE connections could be used in most older devices, while only newer computers have SATA support. This is not a very serious issue but it is still a con that SATA  support deivce. This is not a very serious issue but it is still a con that SATA has to bear.
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