Difference Between Zener and Avalanche Breakdown

Owing to two types of events such as Zener as well as an avalanche, an electrical takes place. The occurrence of their process due to the high electric field is the main key distinction between Zener breakdown and avalanche breakdown. The disparity between the breakdown of Zener and the breakdown of avalanches will assist us to understand the occurrence of their process.

What is a Zener breakdown?

As the elevated electric field is applied across the PN junction diode, the Zener breakdown takes place. This results in electron flow through the junction of the PN.

What is avalanche breakdown?

The avalanche breakdown occurs when the electric field is increased by a high reverse bias voltage, which increases the depletion area further.

Difference between Zener and avalanche breakdown:

  • Zener breakdown is a process in which the electron move across the barrier from the valence band of the p-type material to the conduction band of the n-type material is known as Zener breakdown. While the avalanche breakdown is the process of applying high voltage and increasing the free electrons or electric current in semiconductor and insulating materials is called an avalanche breakdown.
  • This is observed in Zener diodes having Zener breakdown voltage V of 5 to 8 volts, while the avalanche diode in Zener diode has a Zener breakdown voltage V is greater than 8 volts.
  • In the Zener diode, the VI characteristics of a Zener breakdown have a sharp curve, while the avalanche diode VI characteristics curve of the avalanche breakdown is not as sharp as the Zener breakdown.
  • While the use of Zener diode we decrease the temperature breakdown of the voltage, while the avalanche diode the increase in temperature increases the breakdown voltage.
  • Zener diode occurs that is highly doped, while the avalanche diode is lightly doped.
  • The valence electrons are pulled into conduction due to the high electric field in the narrow depletion region, while the avalanche diode the valance electrons are pushed to conduction due to the energy imparted by accelerated electrons, which is the gain their velocity due to their collision with other atoms.
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