Pros and cons of VPN

A VPN is an online service you can use data to unblock geo-restricted internet content and protect your online data from hackers and government surveillance by encrypting your online traffic and hiding your real IP address. So here this article gives the advantages and disadvantages of VPN to better understand this topic. 

Advantages of VPN:

  • Because it hides the user's IP address and establishes connections through a VPN private network, a VPN is very useful in concealing the user's identity.
  • The cost of VPN service packages is less in comparison to the kind of features they provide.
  • It improves security as VPN protects users' data from hackers and surveillance.
  • A VPN is affordable.
  • It allows remote access to the information which will increase the productivity of the organization as large data can be accessed remotely.

Disadvantages of VPN:

  • The time taken to fetch the data sometimes increases when fetched VPN, so there might to be a performance issue with respect to time.
  • It is always are not possible to bypass restrictions applied by a website by using a VPN.
  • Whenever VPN disconnection occurs there is a possibility of the IP address get revealed to the network from which the connection was made.
  • A VPN can slow down your connection
  • Although a VPN allows you to conceal your identity, it is possible for your VPN provider to steal your data, posing a security risk.
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