Relay vs Transistor

Relay and transistor have a similar basic function in that they both serve as electronic switches. Relay and transistor are not the same. So here this article gives the information about the difference between relay vs transistor to better understand this topic.

What is a transistor?

A transistor is a type of solid semiconductor device that performs a variety of functions such as detection, rectification, amplification, switching, voltage stabilization, signal modulation, and so on. As a variable current, a transistor can control output current based on the input voltage.

What is a relay?

 A relay is a switch that is powered by electricity. Relay is commonly used in automatic control circuits as a type of automatic switch that controls a large current load with a small current. As a result, it serves as an automatic regulator, a safety device, and a conversion circuit, among other things.

Relay vs transistor | Difference between relay and transistor

  • Relay can work with AC and DC, a transistor can work with DC only.
  • Relay has zero closed resistance, while the transistor voltage drop. Due to this reason, lots of power get wasted.
  • Relay has infinite open resistance, while the transistor has leakage which can affect attached electronic circuits.
  • Transistors have a smaller load capacity than relays.
  • Relay can operate at extreme temperatures, a transistor can operate up to 95°C and a little below 0°C.
  • Relay is much slower and operates at 200Hz speed, transistor can operate at MHz speed.
  • Relay is primarily damaged due to over current, while the transistor is damaged due to voltage peaking, and over current, etc.
  • Relay has very high isolation from the control coil, while the transistor is not isolated from the base, gate, or trigger.
  • Relay has a much shorter mechanical wear-out contact life, while the transistor switches almost never wear out.
  • Relay can be used only to open and close circuits, while the transistor can amplify analog signals as well as function as a switch.
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