Relay vs switch

What is Relay?

In a circuit with small currents, they act as switches. The relay consists of electromagnets, that become energized once current flows around them. once this becomes giant enough, the magnet during a position|is ready} to tug one in all the contact in a circuit towards itself, breaking the circuit.

What is the switch?

A switch may be a network device that's used for electrical or optical signal forwarding. It provides an associate exclusive signal path for any 2 network nodes which access the switch. it's multiple ports, every with a bridge perform which will be connected to a LAN or some superior server or uses workstations.

Difference between relay and switch | Relay vs Switch:

  • A switch is an electromechanical device used to make or break the circuit, Relay is an electromechanical device used to make or break the circuit.
  • The switch can be controlled mechanically, Relay can be controlled electronically.
  • Switch control the flow of current opening or closing circuits, Relay control high power circuit with low power signals by opening or closing the contacts.
  • A switch is operated manually by a lever or by pushing the buttons, Relay can send electromagnetic or optical signals to actuate the load circuit.
  • The switch is used to open or close the contacts, while the relay is used to protect the system from damage.
  • The relay operates slowly when compared to relay because it requires a physical object to make the changes, while the relay operates faster.
  • The switch makes a direct contact or connection, while the relay is a remote control switch.
  • The switch is manual control of the switch while the relay is to turn ON/OFF air conditioning treat light.
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