Photometer vs spectrophotometer

Definition of Photometer:

With the introduction of the photoelectric cell, photometers began to replace the visual eye color matching colorimeters. A photometer consists of a light source, an alight filter for wavelength isolation, a sample holder cell, a photoelectric detector, and a recording device. The photoelectric cell's current response is determined by the amount of light that enters the cell.

Definition of Spectrophotometer:

A spectrophotometer, as the name implies, is a combination of a spectrometer and a photometer. It employes a sophisticated wavelength isolation device known as a monochromator. A monochromator is a wavelength isolation arrangement based on a prism or grating that isolates a single wavelength or a narrow band of wavelengths. In the case of a spectrophotometer, light intensity is measured rather than wavelength. The principle of light detection is the same as that of a photometer.

Photometer vs spectrophotometer:

  • A spectrophotometer is a gadget that actions the force of electromagnetic radiation at different frequencies. While a photometer is an assortment of instruments used to quantify different parts of the light force.
  • A photometer has measured some aspect of light using a photometer, while the spectrophotometer is measuring or comparing the intensities of the colors of the spectrum.
  • A photometer is a device for measuring the intensity of light or, more specifically, comparing the relative intensities of different light or their illuminating power, A spectrophotometer, on the other hand, is an analytical device used to measure the degree of absorption of light at different wavelengths by chemical substances..
  • Each chemical substance has a distinct pattern of absorption intensities at a series of wavelengths.
  • A spectrophotometer is a photometer that compares the wavelengths of two light radiations. A photometer is a device used to measure the luminous intensity of a source by comparing it to a standard source.

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