What is z wave

What is a Z wave?

Z Wave is a personal area network that is used like Zigbee, it is a proprietary wireless communication protocol designed for home automation. It employs low-power wireless communication technology to control home-based electronic products such as smoke alarms and remote control. It is used for low overhead commands such as lighting, entertainment, and housekeeping. 

It operates at 900 MHz rather than 2.4 GHz and is less susceptible to interference. In comparison to the 2.4 GHz signal, the 900 MHz signal is stronger and can travel longer distances, piercing through walls, floors, and ceilings with greater power.

Manufactures of Z wave in Europe:

Wintop electric QEES as remote technology ltd chromatic ever spring industry co LTD chromatic ever spring industry co.

Why can you find a Z wave?

Almost all of the major home security and home automation manufacturers sell Z wave smart home accessories. But first, you will need a Z wave hub to connect the system to the internet in order to set up a Z wave network. In some cases, the Z wave hub may be integrated into another of your devices. In others, you will have to buy a separate hub.

How does Z wave work?

Z wave technology creates a wireless mesh network, which is a group of devices that connect and communicate with one another without the use of wires. Devices mesh together using Z wave technology by sending signals over low-energy radio waves at a specific frequency. Every Z wave device includes a small built-in signal repeater that sends and receives network data.