WAV vs FLAC | Difference | Comparison

What is WAV?

WAV is an audio file format standard for storing digital audio waveform data. WAV files are raw audio formats developed by Microsoft and IBM. Holders are utilized to store sound information, test rate, and bitrate in this organization.

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What is FLAC? 

The FLAC is a lossless sound pressure codec, which implies that sound is compacted without quality misfortune. FLAC upholds advanced sound pressure so that document size is decreased while no data is lost.

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WAV vs FLAC | Difference between WAV and FLAC:

  • WAVs are excellent in terms of quality, making them the best choice for sound engineers and music producers.
  • FLAC files fall somewhere between MP3 and WAV. They are good due to the quality, but the file size can be quite large.
  • If you want to edit audio, WAV is the better choice because it is less demanding on the CPU.
  • FLAC is a great option for music if you want a high-quality alternative to MP3 and have HDD space to spare.
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