Bandwidth Vs Internet speed | Difference between Bandwidth and Internet speed

What is Bandwidth?

The term bandwidth refers to high-speed data transmission that transports a large amount of data from one location to another in a single cable. Cable, fiber, and DSL are the most common types of broadband internet connections, and bandwidth is now a new standard for internet connections.

What is internet speed?

The number of bits or bytes transferable per second is used to calculate internet speed. The amount of data transferred from the internet to our device is measured by download speed. Our download speed affects how quickly your movie, music, and files load on your computer. It also determines how quickly videos and web pages load. Upload speed indicates how quickly data is transferred from the device to the internet.

Bandwidth vs Internet speed | Difference between  Bandwidth and Internet speed:

  • The amount of data that can be uploaded or downloaded from our device is determined by our internet bandwidth and the speed with which data can be uploaded or downloaded on our device is determined by our internet speed.
  • If we consider bandwidth to be a freeway and cars to be data that travel at nearly the same speed we need to expand the freeway or in the other words increase the bandwidth to increase their speed.
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