23 December 2020

Difference Between Broadband and DSL

Broadband is the term used to refer to a technology which is provided substantially faster connection speed compared to dial-up. While DSL is one of these technologies, which is the most popular technology used in homes. So here this article gives the main key difference between broadband ad DSL to better understand this topic.

What is Broadband?

Broadband is a connection is simply a technology that refers to the transmission of wide bandwidth data over a high-speed internet connection. The connection medium can e coaxial cable, optical fiber. radio or twisted pair. It is just like a superset which refers to aby high-speed internet technology. 

What is a Digital subscriber line(DSL)?

The digital subscriber line is a communications medium that is used to transfer digital signals over standard telephone lines. DSL is just like a sunset of broadband as it is one of these technologies. In DSL  lies are used to transport high bandwidth data. So it is easy for ISP companies to provide internet connection without laying some new lines.

Difference between broadband and DSL:

  • Broadband is the umbrella terminology that is used for high-speed internet access while the DSL is only one of these technologies.
  • There are other broadband technologies that are used aside from DSL.
  • DSL is an advantage compared to other broadband technologies as it can integrate to existing telephone systems.
  • Broadband is a newer concept, DSL is an older concept.
  • Broadband is 2 times faster than 1.5Mbps, DSL speed from 128 Kbps to over 100 Mbps.
  • In broadband technician from concerning the enterprise, In DSL the user can do the installation but to make a fine-tuning technician is required and for this, the enterprise provides the required support to the customers.
  • Broadband is possible for home networking and requires remotes and cable networking, DSL is possible for home networking ad to require only a phone jack.
  • The average monthly fee of broadband depends on the broadband plan broadband but it is higher than DSL, While ib DSL average monthly fee of DSL depends on customers' usage but it is less than broadband. 
  • Broadband is just like a superset which refers to aby high-speed internet technology, DSL  is just like a subset of broadband as it one of these technologies. 
  • Broadband is shared so speed varies depending on the total number of users on the network, while DSL the bandwidth shared so to provide constant speed.