4 February 2022

WiFI vs Broadband | Difference | Comparison

Broadband and WiFi are two terms that are frequently used interchangeably. However, these are two distinct concepts that must be clearly understood in order to master the fundamentals of the internet. So let us check the difference between wifi and broadband to better understand this topic.

What is WiFi?

WiFi stands for wireless technology that connects devices to the internet. While this internet connection can be either broadband or dial-up, wifi is the most commonly used to connect to a broadband internet line. A WiFi network, which allows multiple devices to connect to a single internet access point, is simple to set up using a wireless modem or router. 

What is Broadband?

Wireless broadband uses a radio link between the customers, location, and the services provider's facility to connect a home or business to the internet. Wireless broadband, which refers to high-speed broadband delivered wirelessly from a service provider to a location, can be mobile or fixed.

WiFI vs Broadband | Difference between wifi and broadband:


WiFi is wireless connectivity that uses radio waves to provide an internet connection, while Broadband is open connectivity in which a high-speed internet connection is always available.


Wifi is having great portability, while the Broadband is having fewer portability features.


WiFi is more network blocking can be faced in this, while Broadband is less network blocking can be faced in this.


WiFi is very expensive, Broadband is less expensive.


WiFi relies on the original devices that produce the internet, while Broadband doesn't rely on the original devices, it has the capacity to provide higher internet connectivity.

Connection device:

WiFi connects the device to home and business networks, while broadband connects those networks to the internet.


802.11a, 802.11b, 802,11g, and 802,11n are four major types of WiFi technology, while the DSL, cable, fiber, and satellite are four common forms of broadband.

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